Manufacturing process: "Our Promise to you."
Deliver to approved technical drawing / sample specification Official negotiated price will be final on agreed Term and Conditions. Deliver on agreed deadlines
We partner with our customers to solve their manufacturing challenges and requirements Quality products manufactured from us too you.
The Manufacturing Process that our own products, and that of our customers follow, vary according to the design and the customer specifications of the product. Our Casting Solutions include the following: Drawing / Sample: Customers can either supply us with a drawing for the product to be manufactured, or supply us with a sample of their product. For quotation purposes we can work from either. Tooling: (Customers have various options here) Supply us with their own tools and dies which we can modify to fit our machines. They can use our in-house tool room facility to make and maintain their tools and dies with various payment options. Producing Samples: After the initial design on the approved drawing or sample provided, we produce a sample to make sure that the product conforms to the customer specification and needs. Production: Once the samples have been approved by the customer, we go into full production on the product as to the customer requirements. Shot blasting / Fettling: Most Products go through a sand blasting process to improve the surface finish of the product. In certain products there is fettling required where the product is either hand filed or filed against a high speed abrasive belt that grinds down the excess flash and material from the product. Machining / Assembly: Certain products have higher tolerances and therefor need to go through a machining process to obtain the required accuracy. Certain products require the additional processes of CNC machining to conform with more accurate tolerances. In addition, certain assembly work is required on production units as well as packaging, boxing and labeling for shipment. This is all catered for in-house.



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